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Is Discord the best Chat Platform?

The discord which is a voice over IP and messaging program and is used by the users from game streaming platform like Twitch.

It is a platform which is free to use and can be accessed on the web, mobile and desktop application.

It is growing very widely with around 90 million active users and has been a personalized platform for all the Gamers and online streamers.

It was originally built for the gaming community, it’s a very diverse platform with chat, video and voice application. Though other users have started being a part of it, it is mostly occupied by the game streamers and people indulging in gaming on a daily basis.

This article will give you the answer that arises in most of the people mind that, Is Discord the best platform for chatting?

So the debate is about that, is Discord the best chat platform or just another fish in the pond of so many existing one like Skype,  TeamSpeak, mumble and also some that had no shelf life and were lost as soon as they were launched into the market.

So the main concern is that Discord has a number of features that will actually turn it into the best chat platform. But at the same time, it is for a niche audience and not everyone will sound great with it. It serves a service to a particular community that is exceptionally great than most of them and hence makes it the best chat platform for gaming Community,

Here are some of its amazing features.

  • Discord is available for almost all devices

Discord is available on all device Mac or Windows and even in mobile devices of both IOS and Android. It is available on browser and also one can download the application to get some added advantage.

  • The interface is very user-friendly as it is simple.

The interface of Discord is very easy and can be used by any newcomer and nobody will find it difficult to navigate into the platform as the interface is very easy and user-friendly.

  • In no time one can set up a server.

Yes, one can set up a server very soon with just choosing an appropriate username. That means the server can be made by just a few clicks.

  • Text channels as well as voice chats that will give all that you are looking for.

The platform provides both Texts as well as voice chats that provide various features that are worth using and will be very interesting for you to use.

  • And yes the best part, all this comes for no penny, it’s all free.

Discord and all the service that it provides is completely free and cost you nothing. Isn’t it amazing that you will get so many advantages and such a great platform in this cruel world by paying nothing?

  • The voice channels are very effective and also easy at the same time.

  • It combines the best element of Skype, IRC and slack

Discord seems to have all the good of many platforms just in one. You get everything at Discord that all these platforms have it individually. So yes it is the blend of all the best things that the other chat platform have.

So yes, more than anything, Discord gives a user journey which is hassle-free and that does not make the user tangle their self over a small thing for a long time. It is quick, durable, fun and effective. So keeping all this in mind one can say that it is the best chat platform with a niche audience of gaming community.